Unreal Spring Game Jam 2017 Post Mortem


Itch.io – Free download!

Zach’s website (My dev buddy who helped with the game!)

Project Overview

Mr. Spring is a 3rd person platformer built in Unreal Engine for Epic’s 2017 Spring Game Jam. Zach and I had privately attempted the September and October Game Jam, but never achieved something that we felt was worth submitting. So, with more experience under our belts, we’ve gotten further than we ever have in a game jam! And I want to talk more about that. So bullet points, and then I’ll ramble some more below. Because I like to ramble. Who doesn’t?

What worked

  • Atmosphere: The game is incredibly light, happy.
  • Fun! This was fun to actually play! Who knew that jumping from platform to platform was fun?

What was missing

  • Narrative (Who’s Mr. Spring?)
  • Spring mechanic needed work
  • Lack of feedback! For example, picking up a donut, it would just disappear. In a few lets plays that I saw people didn’t even realize they picked it up!
  • Speaking of not realizing, the green enemies went unnoticed! I kind of think we probably should have just made them all an angry bright red for all of our zones.
  • A tutorial!
  • Spring sound effects
  • Main menu
  • Sound options


  • Too few checkpoints
  • Monsters that didn’t really fit

Moving Forward

There was a lot that went right with Mr. Spring. Of course, Mr. Spring isn’t a AAA title. But I think this is one of the first game jam products that we’ve hacked together that I can really envision self publishing. Not a super long experience, but more polish, a few more levels, and more things.

Side note:

I’m starting to realize that I have more things that I could be posting to this blog instead of bothering my friends who aren’t very interested in them. Of course, I have a hard time keeping consistent with these types of things, but hey! There’s always more to talk about.

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