2017 Shenanijam 100 Submission – Goat Murderer

I did a game jam!

Slaughter countless ghost spirits like the robotic monster you are!

Quick Postmortem

Everything¬†went pretty well, except for the fact that I shorted myself an entire nights worth of work by sleeping through the start of the Jam. But that is life. It did change how I thought about the art of the game however. My theory was, if I just make it DARK enough, you can’t see how terrible all of the models are in the game. And then the idea of turning it into a rave type thing also came up and then BAM! We have a game. But part of me still is wishing that I would have gone with a bit of a haunted house type thing, but I was still struggling to include the robotmower part of the theme.

The game also lacked some depth. It could have used unlockable weapons, enemy variety. But overall I’m still pretty happy with it. It was fun! Who needs anything more than that?


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