About Me

For those of you who enjoy boring stuff, I hope you enjoy this page. I made it for you.


I grew up in Utah, and was raised in a large family, and grew up on video games. Go figure. My brothers would get games from their step dad and my parents so I would usually play their games. It’s hard for me to remember the first game I played, but I do remember playing Diablo on PC, Sonic on Sega, and Super Mario on SNES, and Donkey Kong Country on N64… And we’ll pretend like I didn’t play Conker’s Bad Fur Day when I was far too young. So my young gaming experience was pretty well rounded. I got my own PS2 and went down that road, but that seems really short lived because my brother got an Xbox at around the same time. Halo soon became my favorite game. I’d go over to my friend across the street’s house and play split screen campaign, multiplayer for hours on end.

And then Halo 2 and Xbox Live happened, I’d hang out with my brothers friends named their club F.A.W.K. or Fat Angry White Kids, which is pretty irreverent, but fitting for them. But before we had broadband internet, we still had Halo 2… So there was a brief moment where we had ethernet cables going through gutters to reach various rooms, all hooked up and the 16 man lan party was definitely amazing. Some of my fondest memories gaming. And then Rock Band, Halo 3, bam. We’re all here! Most of my gaming was on consoles with the exception of Blizzard titles, because who can’t pass up Starcraft/Diablo/WoW? Oh, did I mention I played WoW for quite a while..? Yeah….

Anyways, lately with gaming I play pretty much exclusively on PC, controllers scare me except for driving games. Shooters I’m way more accurate with mouse and keyboard, and thumbsticks just make me feel like I can’t turn my head properly. And that’s about that


Most of my work is freelance, I do what I do for fun and make what I make. I don’t much care to money grab, so long as my PC is up to date. I have several years of C# experience working with WPF and WinRT, and published a few apps to the Windows Store, however, all of them are now withdrawn and I am moving on from Microsoft’s ecosystem, though I kind of miss the check from that. Aside from that I’ve used Java, PHP, C++, for plenty of fun random miscellaneous projects! At some point I think I’ll give the Android ecosystem a try, but I really don’t have much motivation for app development at the time of writing this.

Somewhere in-between & Minecraft

Probably one of the largest ventures that I run is Super Noobs, a Minecraft community for depraved souls. It started because my friends in my Modern Warfare 2 clan were not so smart and didn’t know how to port forward, and I was sick of listening to them complaining about Hamachi. So, I downloaded the server and opened it up for them. I used the website for the Modern Warfare 2 clan as the domain, and thus, scarlet.supernoobs.net was born! After transitioning supernoobs.net into Halo Reach, and doing some terrible… Terrible web development, I had a small server for friends with a community site, and custom bulletin board, and blog. Eventually though, that clan faded into the darkness, and while a few people still played on the server, it was far and few. So I decided to make it public.

So, June 2013, I listed Super Noobs publicly on Planet Minecraft as a GriefPrevention survival server, and immediately had a flood of people joining. It was absolutely terrifying. I didn’t anticipate that I would be bumped to the front of the site because I was a new server, and didn’t have a spawn or anything built. I was immediately barraged for being “a noob” server, but hey, people were joining! And it grew from there. With the next update that came out I decided to transition the server to Towny, and so December 2013 Scarlet became our Towny server. Over the next few years, the server grew. And I like it. A lot. But that history is still being written.

tldr; I play games and do nerdy stuff