NaH – Noobs Against Humanity Bukkit plugin

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Some of us have real friends that can get together to play games together, unfortunately that is not the case for many of us. So, for the friendless, lonely, and depraved souls out there; I’m proud to bring you Noobs Against Humanity, or NaH. NaH brings the depraved humor of Cards Against Humanity into Minecraft. While still in development, it’s playable now! Still looking into whether or not to publish the plugin on Bukkit/Spigot, as I’m unsure of their policy towards the type of humor that Cards Against Humanity brings, as well as how many other server networks are out there that would appreciate the plugin. That being said if you like this plugin, you should go and buy Cards Against Humanity.


  • Interactive inventory UI
  • Multiple card sets
  • Idle timer
  • Lobby System
    • Browse Games
    • Passwords
    • Choose decks per game
    • Change settings
  • CardCast support


  • /nah
  • /nah cardcast [cardcasttoken] – Allows you to add a CardCast deck to your current game
  • /nah set password [password] – Sets a password on your current game
  • /nah password [password] – Sets the password you’ll use to join a game

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